The general meaning of the word Alignment has been given in the section on Definitions of Technical Terms on page 30.


In the revised technique Alignment is assumed to refer to the position or direction the feet are pointing in relation to the room.


The alignment of each step is made clear in the descriptions or diagrams of each figure, and has not been given in detail in the technical notes following each description.


Students should note that three terms are used in connection with alignment. They are Facing, Backing, and Pointing. Facing and Backing are self-explanatory. Pointing is used on side steps when the foot is pointing in a direction different from the way the body is facing. The following example will help students to understand these terms:


Natural Turn (Waltz), Man – Alignment


  1. Facing diag. to wall.
  2. Backing diag. to centre.
  3. Backing LOD.
  4. Backing LOD.
  5. Pointing diag. to centre.
  6. Facing diag. to centre.


Pointing is used on step 5 because the RF is pointing diag. to

centre while the body is facing centre.


Pointing is also used in some Promenade steps to give a clearer

picture of the position of the foot.